Foil wrapping machine



Article code: 480270



Made of stainless steel.

PVC film not included.

Compatible with 30cm, 35cm, 38cm to 45cm film rolls

Specially designed for butcher shops, restaurants, snack bars, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable markets, fishmongers, etc.

You improve the hygiene and presentation of food, which is treated and delivered to customers in a more hygienic way, properly and dust-free.

Easy to use, practical, portable and safe: film adjustment, Teflon coated cutting blade for safety, Teflon covered hot plate.

The practical design allows you to place the machine anywhere.

The indicator of each function (cutting, sealing) warns the operator to avoid accidents.

The temperature control of the sealing plate makes it possible to adjust the temperature for a better seal, depending on the type of foil.

It is economical: the cutting blade adjusts the amount of film by speed regulation, which ensures waste prevention and better packaging.

Low power consumption, it is designed to reduce electricity consumption to a level of 155W.

Dimensions: L600xA500XH180mm