UV-C Air Killer 250 m³



Article code: UVC-killer250G


UV-C Air Killer 250 m³

The UV-C Air Killer 250 m³ has one highly efficient UVC tubes that ensure reliable disinfection of the indoor air.
The disinfection unit is equipped with a 95w lamp that will disinfect 99.9% rooms up to 250 m³ per hour.
It is made of high quality steel.
This device is usually used in smaller spaces such as restaurants, conference rooms, classrooms, public transportation,
hotel rooms, etc.
Can be used on 220-240 v. And available in all RAL colors.

Material steel; RAL color painted standard gray
Operating temperature between 5 and 35 degrees
Purified air volume 250 m³ per hour
Sound: 20 decibels
Dimensions: 700 x 140 x 250
Weight 13 kg
Lamp 9000 hours = 1 year day and night
Operating voltage: 220-240 V or 12-24 Volt
Cable length: 2.5 m

Assembly and installation possible.

You can also have the UV-C Air Killer 250 m³ installed and installed by our service.

Note: That there is an electrical outlet at the mounting location.

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flyer UVC250 Air Killer Instruction Manual