Trash can to empty trays



Article code: 080662


Wholly made of stainless steel.

Pedal operated patented system. It will allow the user to open the lid avoiding the use of his hands. The lid can also be opened with the hand if necessary.

Rods on the top that make easier the placing of the empty trays.

Receptacle for scraps made in one only piece, without joints or hollows.

Ergonomic handle.

It can be moved effertlessly by means of two wheels.

It can be adapted to any floor unevenness thanks to two adjustable blocks.

All its components are soundproofed.

High capacity. It can lodge a container 500 x 510 mm. x 740 mm.

Container included.

Large model: Place a container 500 x 510 mm. x 740 mm.

Small model: 55 l plastic waste bin 415x320x620mm