Wall mounted electronic 3D hand washbasin



Article code: 061482
Length (L): 453 mm
Width (A): 450 mm
Height (H): 615 mm
Sink size (d or l x h): 390 mm
Depth sink (h): 150 mm
Mobile: No
Sensor tap: No
Dispenser: No
Paper bin: No


This new and patented design, made of stainless steel, represents a revolution in the manual baking industry as it does not have a traditional spout.

This innovative system has several mixed water discharge points distributed over the surface of the basin and oriented in such a way that it allows an optimal and homogeneous hand washing without literally having to move them and with a great saving on water consumption at the same time.

Additionally, it has rear and laterally welded back walls in a wraparound design, as well as an automatic soap dispenser for completely hands-free use. Everything is factory fitted.

The main advantages of the electronically controlled 3D hand washbasin are:

  • Easier and more effective hand washing process.
  • The smallest chance of cross-contamination thanks to the non-contact automatic activation of both water drain and soap supply.
  • Wash hands homogeneously in less time.
  • Made of the highest quality stainless steel for greater durability, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • Wrapped design of the top housing to prevent splashes and moisture on your facilities.
  • Thanks to its compact design, it fits into any space.
  • Rounded design with no corners or sharp edges to avoid accidents.
  • Equipped with a non-return valve to regulate the flow of hot and cold water, so that the temperature of the operating water can be determined.
  • Reduction of water consumption.

L 352mm / A 303mm / H 551mm / a 260mm / h 115mm.


* This model is available in both a wall-mounted version ( 061482 ) and a freestanding version ( 061484 ) to meet the needs and preferences of each user.