Ozone generator



Article code: 485202


- Ozone regulates temperature and the degree of humidity
- Odisinfects, absorbs smells and sterilizes
- To create cold inside rooms
- How do you choose the ideal equipment?

  1. Calcualte the volume of the chamber (L x W x H)
  2. Multiply the volume with the coefficient of the type of room
    Type room  Coefficient
    Meat 1,5
    Fish 1,7
    Fruit and vegetables  1,6
    Mixed 1,5
  3. Choose the mg/h that is closest to the result
    Model   Mg/h
    H-10 30
    H-20 60
    H-30 90
    H-50 500
    H-100 1 000
  4. For instance you own a refrigerator from 36 m3 and you wish to keep fruit in there. Than you have to multiply 36 with 1,6. The result is 57,6. So you should pick model H-20.