Drain channel system plug and play



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Article code: 054260


Slotted gutter.

This floor drain is equipped with a siphon and is made of stainless steel and is designed to be installed in a modular channel system.

Features one coupling on each side, including covers.

This allows it to be used as a square floor drain, corner or "T" or "+" depending on your connection configuration.

The drain outlet is vertical, but your installer can easily convert it horizontally by installing a PVC bend.

Modular gutters are the ideal solution for installation in the food industry to ensure hygiene and because they are easy to clean and maintain.


Siphon trap L 200mm A 200mm H 155mm h1 34mm D 340mm d 78mm 3kg.

Slot short L 850mm A 40mm H 62mm h1 41mm 1.6kg.

Slot long L 1,700mm A 40mm H 62mm h1 41mm 3kg.

  • Modular system
  • Square drain with siphon
  • Slots 2 lengths 850 and 1700mm
  • Affordable system