Cover with window Customization



Article code: HRR-maat-kl



Cover customization


  • cover fitting according to your dimensions
  • opening is on the narrow side
  • open side is transparent with reinforcement by means of fiberglass grid
  • washable, sturdy plastic such as truck tarpaulin
  • white-gray color
  • equipped with 2 sturdy zippers
  • extremely suitable for transport, cooling and pantry, prevents dehydration
  • in accordance with HACCP standards with certificate


  • cover dimensions: maximum window 470x depth 620x height 1900mm,
  • With certificate for HACCP

How to order custom covers?

  • measure your cart
  • add 15mm to the width and depth
  • pull the wheels off for height


  • your cart is 450mm width and 600mm deep with a height of 1900mm with the wheels, height of the wheels 120mm
  • then you order 465mm width and 615mm depth and the height 1780mm

Delivery time of these custom-made covers approximately 3 weeks.