Bread rack system black



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Bread rack system.

  • Black Ral 9005
  • Support left and right model
  • Each support has 4 holes for fixing with the screws.
  • Steel supports, with clips for the tube
  • 7 aluminum tubes of 20mm black color per floor
  • Inclination of the support 70°
  • Maximum bridging 60cm to 70cm between the 2 supports.
  • 1 floor consists of, minimum 2 supports, x number of cm tube, end caps.
  • Depth 49cm of the bread rack

⇒ example for a floor of 3m

  • 3 left struts
  • 2 right brackets
  • Order 7 tubes of 3m = 4 tubes of 6m which we then saw, (3m surplus)

Start with the first support 30cm from the end left and right, then 60cm between each time.

⇒ Price card holders are also available, soft plexi won't break when dropped.