Perforated baking tray with PTFE foil



Article code: bakpfolie40x60


Baking tray with PTFE foil 400x600mm
Baking tray with a thin non-stick foil
  • 400x600mm
  • PTFE foil black 0.13mm thickness
  • Plate thickness 1.5mm
  • 2 edges 45 ° long side
  • 2 edges 90 ° short side
  • Edge height 10mm
  • Double edges (cut for sturdiness)
  • Perfect to clean
  • Perfo 5mm,
  • ALMg3 (aluminum)
  • Weight of the plate 2x clips and the foil 1.150gr.
Plus points
  • Perfect baking tray for the Bake-Off sector
  • PFTE foil does not flap on the ventilation in the oven
  • You can replace the PTFE foil yourself by removing the clips
  • Perfect to clean due to its open sides
  • products bake out perfectly thanks to the coarse perforation and the thin foil
  • Much better baking result than with a silicone mat

⇒ Also available in other dimensions and designs on request.